The filling of my soul!

God tells us through Paul that we should pray continually. Most of us don’t really understand what that really means except for those who have a relationship with God that goes beyond prayers for a meal and prayers for when things are rough.

Praying continually is when we acknowledge the presence of God through out our day and we invite God to be a part of each conversation, each decision, each thought, and each action. That’s how we build a relationship with the ever present God!

Personally, I struggle with acknowledging the presence of God all the time. And sometimes I know that He is there but I often choose to not invite Him into my thoughts, decisions, and conversations–it’s a part of my imperfection but I’m working on it.

Throughout different seasons of my life God has gifted me with powerful prayer partners. These are men with whom I get together to pray and HEAVEN is ALL around us!!!

It’s simply amazing! As we pray in both tongues of man and of angels we feel a very present God. Who is not just receiving one request but millions, but He still manages to be in a million places, to fill a million hearts, to answer a million prayers, and at the same time, He touches my soul. 

Today, our staff meeting at the church was cancelled. So Willie Davis and I decided to pray together! What a powerful time of prayer it was and there is no question that the presence of the LIVING GOD was in my office (still is). There is no doubt that the filling of my soul is a result of a sincere invitation from my heart to God’s and when we search Him with our hearts, He will ALWAYS respond.

I challenge you to find a praying partner. If you can’t think of anyone, pray that God will reveal them to you. Sometimes, they could be right in your office and you don’t even know. Bring Heaven to your work place! Bring Heaven to your home! Call upon the Living God and He will answer! He will fill your soul so you can pour unto others!


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One Response to The filling of my soul!

  1. Mamae Leda says:

    Amei seu texto!!! Deus o abencoe!!! Bjs da mamae coruja!!
    Dios te bendiga!!

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