the-apostles-creed-newAlmost everyday, while growing up, my grandmother would call my siblings and I to her room for a mini service… we would sing a couple traditional hymns, work on memorizing Scripture, and she would always lead us in reciting the Apostle’s Creed.

Unfortunately, most Christians today have no idea what it is that they believe in… Most churches have stopped reading or reciting the Apostle’s Creed in their services especially as the mainline denominations fade away in our society.

The church of today no longer thinks it is necessary or “cool” to recite a creed that was put together by our forefathers based in the Truth of God’s Word for the church community to know exactly why they are united and what it is that they believe in.

My Thought Incarnate:
As a boy, the Apostle’s Creed was just something that I had to memorize for church and for grandma :)… but today, I’m very grateful that I not only know WHAT it is that I believe in, but what I believe in is the foundation of who I am and what I do. It saddens me to be a part of a generation that lives life in and out of churches without knowing exactly what it is that they believe in.

Thank you grandma!


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